STEP Testimonial: The One Aldwych Hotel In London

After applying for and achieveing a Luxury Eco Certification Standard for Hoteliers (LECS), The 5 Star One Aldwych Hotel located in Covet Garden, London, is now a recognizied leader on the path towards a more sustainable future. The transcipt below outlines and explains themotivation behind achieving this goal while also touching base on what the experience is like for other interested parties.

What motivated you to become LECS certified?

We were already taking a lot of actions at the hotel regarding sustainability and eco steps, and had a ‘Green Team’ in place to support this. However, after seeing the LEC’s program presented at the Leading Hotels of the World conference, Stefan, our GM felt the hotel could benefit from the structured and focused approach to sustainability that LECS would provide.

In which area has implementing the LECS program had the most significant impact?

One of the biggest impacts is that it’s helped us identify a need for an environmental management system, so an integrated and comprehensive approach to our environmental impact. We are in the process of implementing the EMS system with the help of the charity, Global Action Plan. So far we have seen many positive impacts, including the reduction of our gas consumption by 21%.The great thing is that it will also help us meet the ISO14001 standards and continually improve.

Have your guests commented on your sustainability efforts? If so, how?

We have found our corporate guests are particularly interested in our sustainability efforts. Many of them now choose to use us as a preferred supplier as we meet the requirements of their own internal CSR policies. This is not only positive for repeat business, but also helps us attract new corporate customers.

Were there any unexpected benefits of becoming LECS certified?

One area we hadn’t really paid much attention to is working with local businesses and suppliers. It’s really helped us take a more holistic approach to sustainability and be more local. We now proactively look at how we can work with local suppliers and work with local charities and communities.

What top tip would you give to businesses considering completing the LECS program?

Allocate a dedicated resource to leading on the programme and sustainability within the business. This really helps in driving your sustainability efforts forward and achieving progress, but also with communicating consistent messages to staff and getting them onboard.


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