Preparing Your Home

By doing these simple tasks before you leave home, you can leave knowing you've become a more responsible traveler...

Turn out the lights. Make sure all light switches are off before you leave. If you prefer to leave a light on for security reasons, consider putting one on a timer and setting it to come on only at night.

Unplug your computer, television, microwave, etc.  All these items draw power even when switched off; be sure to unplug them before you leave.

Adjust the thermostat.  Save energy by adjusting your thermostat - turn down the heat in the winter and turn up or shut off the air conditioner in the summer. 

Turn down the water heater. Turn off or lower the target temperature for your water heater so it doesn’t unnecessarily heat water while you’re away.

Stop the paper.  Call to suspend delivery of your newspaper.


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