Assessor & Consultant Training At The Osprey In Beaver Creek

After months of planning, our entire STEP staff was excited to kick off the third annual STEP Assessor & Consultant Training Consultant Training Course. This year’s program was hosted at Osprey Resort in Beaver Creek, Colorado. We had twelve professionals, professors, and students, enrolled this year and the entire group brought a great deal of diversity but with similar objectives for moving forward.

The focus of this year’s course was training these professionals how to tap in and utilize all the STEP tools to help businesses implement higher levels of sustainability.  Using our GSTC-Recognized standard and next generation online management tools, we combined three days of classroom exercises with a three day on-site assessment to emphasize an experiential learning course. The facilitators and participants interacted in open discussions, group projects, objective assessments, and practical feedback to ensure that the Osprey Resort not only was rewarded for the hard work they have done so far, but also given encouragement to continue to improve.  

"My favorite moment of the program was during a field trip to the Arrabelle Resort in the town of Vail.  While we were talking to the head engineer, the topic of eco-certification came up and with spontaneous enthusiasm every participant rattled off various benefits of STEP.  It was quite rewarding to see these professionals communicate the value proposition of the program and know that as STEP-Accredited Assessors, they now have an opportunity to impact their own network of businesses and destinations around the world." - Bobby Chappell, Director of Standards and Eco-certification.

Stay tuned for details for our 2013 STEP Assessor & Consultant Training Course.  


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