Sustainable Travel International Brings Some "Green" to Australia

May, 2009


Sustainable Travel International (STI) recently announced that it has established a branch in Australia in response to the growing global demand for “green” travel products and services. The primary focus of the new Australian branch, located in Cairns, will be to offer an improved service to companies and consumers in Australia.  The branch’s establishment marks STI’s expansion into the Oceania market. 

STI is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible tourism, supporting sustainable development, and helping travelers and travel providers protect the environments and cultures they visit. 

STI President Brian T. Mullis said, “We are very excited by the possibilities that a presence in the region will afford us. The new Cairns office enables us to better respond to the needs of our growing customer base.”

While STI already reaches an international market, the new Cairns base will provide opportunities to tailor these products and services--such as the Travel Green program--specifically to Australians.

 “Many businesses are starting to understand that embracing sustainable practices produces not only a competitive advantage, but an improvement of a business’ bottom line,” said Mullis. 
Some of STI’s “hot” products and services have traditionally been Sustainability Assessments and Supply Chain Management, both of which are now being offered to Australian businesses.  Within Australia, STI is also anticipating requests for its executive education programs, carbon offsetting, traveler’s philanthropy program and business listings in its well-trafficked online Eco Directory (available through membership). 

In addition, STI expects demand for TravelGreen—a turn-key program that enables hotels and tour operators to become carbon neutral, while at the same time empowering their guests to get involved in sustainable travel on a personal level.  

About STI:
Sustainable Travel International (STI) is a global leader in sustainable tourism development. The 501(c)(3) non-profit organization’s mission is to promote sustainable development and responsible travel by providing programs that enable consumers, businesses and travel-related organizations to contribute to the environmental, socio-cultural and economic values of the places they visit, and the planet at large.

STI is dedicated to providing education and outreach services that will lessen the toll that travel and tourism takes on the environment and local cultures. By providing tangible, solutions-oriented programs, STI is taking a holistic approach to addressing sustainable development within the travel and tourism industry.




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