Dispatches From the Field: Seleni in Roatan

This month Sustainable Travel International began a Rapid Sustainable Destination Diagnostic for Roatán, Bay Islands in Honduras. The assessment is a collaboration with the Honduras Ministry of Tourism and the Geotourism Council of Roatán.

As the Mesoamerican Reef Tourism Initiative (MARTI)’s partner on destinations, this is Sustainable Travel International’s second destination sustainability evaluation in Mesoamerica, following recent efforts in Isla de Cozumel, Mexico.

Seleni Matus, Sustainable Travel International’s VP of Latin America and the Caribbean, began the process by conducting stakeholder consultations with 40 key leaders and leading organizations from government, private sector and civil society. The primary objective of this initial phase was to gather information about Roatán’s current performance on 80 internationally verified and vetted indicators for sustainable destinations. The diagnostic will provide Roatán with a panoramic view of its destination management efforts.

The diagnostic process has achieved high-level buy-in from central and local government. The Governor of Roatán, together with the Mayors of the Municipalities of Roatán and Santos Guardiola and Roatan’s representative of the National Tourism Council, have given the project their full support. Honduras’ Vice-Minister of Tourism, Syntia Solomon Bennett, commented, “Roatán is one of our country’s premier destinations. We are thrilled to support this diagnostic process which will help us to identify priorities for ensuring the long-term viability of the island’s tourism sector.”

In July, the team will present and validate the results of the diagnostic to stakeholders in  Roatán. They will then facilitate a workshop focused on the development of a collaborative action plan that is responsive to the destination’s priorities.

To learn more about the Rapid Sustainable Destination Diagnostic, please visit our website


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