Tourism, Sustainability and Climate Change Meeting to be Held April 11-13, 2013

For the first time in recent political history, the ministers of tourism of the Central American Council of Tourism (CCT) and the ministers of environment Comision Centroamericana de Ambiente y Desarrollo (CCAD) in Central America will be jointly discussing Tourism, Sustainability and Climate Change from April 11-13 in La Ceiba, Honduras, as the result of an initiative by the private sector represented by FEDECATUR (Federacion Centroamericana de Camara de Turismo) as a response to the proposal of the Chamber of Tourism of La Ceiba, Honduras.

The meeting is expected to yield concrete regional cooperation based on public and private commitment to reduce carbon emissions, reduce the vulnerability to the effects of climate change while contributing to poverty reduction, as a proceeds of a political Declaration which in addition will most likely also point out the need for in depth knowledge of reliable data to support informed decision making.  With regards to the latter, the World Tourism Organization and local stakeholders have high hopes for the creation of the first Sustainable Tourism & Climate Change Observatory of which the Autonomous University of Honduras will be an active member.

Although it is well known that Central America contributes very little to greenhouse gas emissions, it suffers a significant cost of its effects. According to SICA y CEPREDENAC, (2010), from 1970 y 2002 economic loss caused by natural disasters in Central America has been US$ 10.000 Mio. Particularly vulnerable are marine/coastal tourism investments and urban and rural communities who derive their income from this sector.

Although the challenge seems daunting, this first step, this joint public-private initiative has caused enthusiastic echoes in the region, not only from the stakeholders themselves but also from international organizations currently following up and assisting sustainable development of the region.

Updates and information on participation on the event can be found at Visita La Ceiba


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